Nampa Community Family Shelter

May 4, 2017 | by Alexa Morris

Imagine having a job, a home and the ability to provide for your family one day; and the next, losing it all. It is a harsh reality that many families are struggling with today. Not knowing where they will spend the night, where and when their next meal will come from, or how will they continue to provide care for their loved ones. There are many shelters available for women and children, or men independently, but families often rely on the strength and support of each other to get them through these difficult times.

The Salvation Army in Nampa, Idaho has seen this need for keeping families together. It is the only Family Shelter in its area and is dedicated to supporting the needs of the whole family and allow for a chance to get back on their feet. The shelter provides a safe place for a family to sleep, nutritious meals, a resource center, personal case-management and a staff who care for the well-being of all who come and received services.

Misty, a one-time resident at the shelter, went from losing her husband to losing everything. Homeless, with two children, she found herself struggling to provide for herself and her kids.

“The Salvation Army Nampa Family Shelter was the one place that I could go… it was home.”

Misty spent six months in the shelter, rebuilding her life and restoring her family – something she confesses she could not do on her own.

“We’re in a better place now. Currently, I’m working and just got a raise. We have a vehicle, a three-bedroom place we’re renting, paid off my debts and going back to school… I want to give back now.”

The Salvation Army was there for Misty and her family and is there for those who need help in their time of helplessness.




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